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Tips from a Wedding Planner

If you were a wedding planner and giving advice to a new bride, what exactly would you say? Would you remind them that the first 30 days of engagement are the most crucial and help guide them to the starting line? If so, you’re on the right track already. If you want to start them off on the right path, it’s essential that each bride-to-be gets the 411 on each of the following areas:

The Starting Point. First things first, where to start? Brides Magazine suggests laying out the following 5 categories: budget, size, location, style, season, and either starting a blog to separate and discuss your ideas or start new Pinterest boards for each. Either option can help ignite new ideas and help neatly organize all of your gathered information.

Budget Tips. When thinking of any wedding, one must always be thinking of the cost. As a good wedding planner, it’s important to let the brides know how to best cut corners at every cost. Giving brides a list of useful tips to save such as cutting the guest list down, ordering a smaller cake, skipping the main course and just having d’oeuvres, and using more greenery than flowers could be most helpful.

Who Pays For What? This is always a popular topic. This answer simply depends on how traditional or modern the couple and also how diverse their cultural backgrounds are.

What Subjects To Discuss With Family. Most often of the time, family plays a major role in the overall wedding planning process from start-to-finish so it’s important for the bride to have a layout of all the topics that she will be need to discuss in order to successfully plan a wedding. The layout should include topics like: budget, location, guest list, cultural ceremony rituals, and things like who will be included in the event.

The Things That Don’t Need Discussed Right Away. Just as it’s crucial to let brides know the topics of significance, the same stands with all that’s of less significance as well. It’s not uncommon for brides to get carried away and start planning things they like first instead of what actually makes sense first. Help guide them. Give tips on prioritizing time and responsibility and maybe even take the time here to discuss why hiring a wedding planner could be a beneficial choice.

Sharing advice and tips is overall the best gift you could give any new bride-to-be so hopefully you’ll use the information above to the best of your advantage.

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