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Reasons to Consider having a Barn Wedding over a Traditional Indoor Wedding

Fiddling with the idea to potentially have a barn wedding in the great outdoors over the traditional indoor setup? If so, you’re not the only one! Barn weddings have become increasingly more popular over those the past few years or so and there is an endless list of reasons why. These rustic outdoorsy venues offer the perfect accommodations for any nature lover, activities-enthusiast, or for any couple throwing a mid-summer wedding. Let’s take a look at the rustic barn experience a bit more in-depth.

First things first, barn weddings allow for a lot more creative input. Have you ever seen those brides crafting light fixtures with mason jars or tying tattered ribbon in a fancy fashion around their cutlery? Well, these are the ones who are probably preparing (or at least trying to) their decorations for their upcoming barn wedding. With that added rustic themes. Brides have a chance to branch out significantly in terms of creativity. This can both be fun and less expensive than going out and buying fancy decor.

Did I mention these weddings are absolutely beautiful? Nature adds a certain majestic spin to any photo, let alone your already professional and beautiful bridal ones. Barn weddings offer the perfect scenery for unique photo shoots in remote locations. Alongside the photography, barn weddings also allow more room for amenities such as photo booths or even better yet, vintage camper booths which are a new trend becoming quite popular amongst these types of events. They also allow for outdoor sporting setups, fun festivities for the kids, and almost any yard came you can think of for even the adults. Who does love yard games and s'mores on the fire?

Lastly, barn weddings just seem to an overall more relaxed vibe to them. If you’re hosting your wedding in a rustic barn, that more than likely means you’ll be dancing on rustic floors too so chances are high heels will be out of the questions for all. Kick back and throw on some slip-ons, flip flops, or even tennis shoes if you’d like! Anything goes in the great outdoors.

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