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Why to Choose an Enclosed Photo Booth for Your Next Event

Why to Choose an Enclosed Photo Booth for Your Next Event

It’s a common topic of discussion for anyone considering having a photo booth at their next event: Should I use an Open Air Booth or an Enclosed one? The answer to this question is most certainly an enclosed one and there are a number of different reasons you should do so!

If you’re unsure of what exactly an enclosed photo booth is. Think of the traditional one. Enclosed photo booths are what most people would associate a “photo booth” with and the name speaks for itself. They are enclosed structured booths usually with a full curtain surrounding the people inside while pictures are being taken. The inside usually consists of a colorful and customized backdrop alongside endless props! So why is this type of booth considered to be better for your guests? Well, first off, it’s highly customizable. From the get-go, you are able to choose your own unique backdrop to have in the photos. This can be anything from a solid color to a pattern or even unique scenery. That is all up for you! Another nice option with these is that you can choose inside the booth whether or not you want the photos to come out black or white. The photos can be printed right there for you once you’ve finished in the booth.

Enclosed photo boooths really encourage your guests to open up and be themselves. You want your guests to be on their loosest and funnest behavior the night of your big day. Guests can get both creative and wild with endless props in the enclosed booth and fun-themed backgrounds. A good time is ensured! These booths tend to be a better choice for smaller groups. They comfortably seat anywhere from 4-10 people. The prints usually turn out hilarious doing enclosed as everyone has had the freedom to be themselves.

Traditional booths tend to look a lot more elegant as well. The sleek black curtains often mesh as a nice theme for a fancier-style wedding and can sit nicely and pleasantly in any small corner of your choice. All of the photo booth components are hidden. You don't see the printer, laptop, or camera. There is no bulky flash umbrella flash on the top of the booth. They really don’t take up that much more room than an open air booth so go ahead and freely choose an enclosed photo booth for your next event. Should the "open air" style camera on a stick really even be considered a photo booth? It is questionable. Go with the classic enclosed booth, you won't regret it!

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