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When is a Wedding Planner Necessary?

When is a Wedding Planner Necessary?

Well, this is one question that is entirely up to your preference. Not only just your preference, but what best fits your lifestyle, schedule and budget as well. A lot of brides and grooms immediately seem to think they want to plan their wedding entirely on their owns and that’s completely fine, but many times those same couples end up changing their minds. Ask yourself these questions when determining whether or not you should hire a wedding planner:

1.) First things first, do you know where you want to get married already? If you already have an idea in mind and the venue is quite familiar to you, then you probably don’t need additional services.

2.) Have your friends and family offered to help out with the wedding? If you’re super excited mother and sister have already stepped up to the plate, then chances are you’ll be fine without one.

3.) Will your fiance be helping out with the plans at all? If so, this is yet another reason to stress less. Extra helping hands means extensively less dollars!

4.) Do you find party planning to be fun? If the answer to this is no or you’re a complete introvert like myself, then hiring a wedding planner might be a good idea for you.

5.) Are you deadline-oriented? If so, by all means plan ahead. However, if you’re unsure about this answer or are definitely not then keep in mind that you could lose thousands of previous dollars to vendors by not meeting deadlines and or getting payments/deposits in on time.

6.) Are you an extremely (and I mean extremely) organized individual? If not, then consider hiring someone. Planning a wedding takes a tremendous amount of detail-oriented planning and organization in almost every aspect of your big day from the seating charts, wedding invitations, and booking vendors. Think wisely.

7.) Would you consider yourself punctual and able to follow schedules well? If not, you definitely need a wedding planner to take control and prevent disaster!

8.) Do you have time to take calls during the day, meet up with vendors, and constantly discuss wedding details from your office? If the answer to this is no (which for most of us, it is), then hiring a wedding planner can be a great way to alleviate all these stressors.

9.) Do you understand the ins-and-outs of the wedding business? If you’re not one for reading and or understanding contracts or knowing who and when to tip certain people, then I think you may need a wedding planner.

10.) Do you have that one specifically controlling/bossy best friend who can step up on your wedding day to handle the small stuff? If not, or if you you’re only friends are soft-spoken, non-confrontational women then it certainly couldn’t hurt to have a wedding planner there on your big day.

Hopefully, this was helpful in terms of making your decision. Some brides are cut out for the job themselves, while other are clearly not at all and that’s alright. That is why we have wedding planners in the first place. Either way, I’m sure you’ll make the right decision for both you and your partner and that your big day will run as smoothly as ever.

Here are some amazing wedding planners in the Pittsburgh Area:

Erin Calvinmontes of Divine Celebrations

Erin Calvimontes ABC™- Owner/President, is the only Accredited- Professional Wedding Consultant™ in the Pittsburgh area, through the Association of Bridal Consultants, Certified Gay Wedding Specialist, former Co-Director ABC-LNG, and is a member of ISES International Special Event Society. She has been in the wedding and event industry for over 25 years with a background as a professional wedding photographer, corporate / special events planner and event management back in her home town of Chicago. Erin has extensive on-going education in this field including courses in World Religions, attending vendor information training’s as well as seminars and conferences around the country through out the year. She is also a member of the International Women’s Association of Pittsburgh.

Erin and her staff want to help others truly enjoy their weddings and events. They fully enjoy giving clients the opportunity to have their event “their way” working clients dreams into their budget and watching clients enjoy their event that was created just for them.

Toyna Edenger - Weddings of Pittsburgh

She plans weddings, organizes professional events, and livens up private parties. Tonya is continually making connections in the event industry through referrals and networking which is great for you because she knows the latest trends, the best vendors and can save you time and money from her efforts.

Tonya instinctively knows how to work together cohesively with vendors, over-delivering, ensuring you a one of a kind time. Her attentiveness to your special day allows her to identify and overcome glitches. When problems arise, and they sometimes do, she jumps right in and delivers you a seamless, elegant experience, where you never knew anything was askew.


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