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Why Choose a Wedding at the Top of Mt. Washington

Why Choose a Wedding at the Top of Mt. Washington

Every bride wants their big day to be special. That’s a given! That being said, I’m sure you can guess how essential choosing the right venue/location is. Pittsburgh is full of spectacular wedding locations, but many may argue that the best of the best is Mt. Washington.

Mt. Washington is a Pittsburgh classic choice. Not only does it have breathtaking views which is ideal for both you and your photographer, but it also has some amazing venues, and lastly it’s full of unique activities for you and your guests to do.

There are endless different wedding venues to choose from on top of the mount and you guessed it, they all have a view worth experiencing! Some popular ones couples book on the regular include the Le Mont Restaurant, Mountain View Grandview Resort, The Summit, the Fairmont Pittsburgh, The James Street Ballroom, or even just one of the many churches stationed there. There are also countless good bars and restaurants spread across the area for after the reception so variety is no issue!

If you choose to go with a Mt. Washington wedding, you and your guests have the opportunity to enjoy the scenic views from the famous Outlook on Grandview Avenue. This is also a great place to get your photographs done if the weather is right. It adds so much to the photos if you have a background like the beautiful city of Pittsburgh in it! Alongside taking photos and enjoying the views, guests have the option to also ride the incline and take in the full Pittsburgh experience if they’re from out of town. This is also a great idea if you choose to have your ceremony in Station Square, but the reception in Mt. Washington. It adds a unique nature to it and saves on the costs of hiring limos or alternative car services.

If you’re a Pittsburgh native with a lot of out of town guests or you’re having a summer wedding, I highly suggest choosing Mt. Washington as your wedding location. You truly can’t beat the views, experience, or the perfect Pittsburgh city vibe that goes along with it!

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