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Alternative Entertainment for your Wedding Cocktail Hour

Alternative Entertainment for your Wedding Cocktail Hour

It’s your duty as newly weds to both keep your guests entertained and most importantly, having fun! Believe me, your guests will remember it if you bored them to tears on your big day. You want them to remember the utter opposite. Think outside the box. Show them a good time for coming out and supporting you on one of the most important days of your life. Listed below are a few different (and cheap) entertainment ideas to keep all your guests enthused:

Photo Booth. Having a photo booth at your wedding is a great way to keep your guests active and help them let loose. It also gives them a great chance to mingle with other guests. They can take endless different photos with funny different props to make your wedding scrapbook all the more memorable.

Music. Can’t go wrong here! Whether you hire a live band or bring in a dance instructor to get your guests involved and moving, a memorable and fun experience is still ensured.

Caricature Artist. This is a trend that is becoming increasingly more popular these days. Have your guests queue up and get a silly picture of themselves drawn. The end result makes for a great keepsake from your big day.

Trivia. That’s right, you heard me correctly? A lot of couples are now getting their guests involved by playing different types of old traditional games like bingo or trivia. Old-fashioned they may be, but you can’t deny their fun. It’s a great way to get everyone together, get competitive, and overall just have a more memorable experience.

Barista. Know a lot of coffee lovers that are coming to your wedding? Well, treat your cocktail hour like it’s your very own Starbucks and bring in a barista. Everyone likes a quality cup of coffee or a fancy espresso. Offer a menu full of different options and let your guests go to town with the caffeine.

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