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Is the Quality of Your Wedding Food that Important?

Is the Quality of Your Wedding Food that Important?

Is that even a question? The answer to this is most definitely a yes! Of course the food you serve at your wedding is important. Your guests and their happiness are two of the most important elements of your big day. If the food is bad or even subpar at your wedding, people will talk. However, if the food is great, guests will most certainly remember it.

There are a lot factors to take into consideration when choosing the food for your wedding. First things first, are you going to make your own food or hire a catering service? This is obviously entirely up to you and up to the number of guests you’re planning to have. Another thing to take into consideration is if any of your guest

s have allergies or special needs such as vegetarian or vegan guests. You can easily speak with your caterer to make modifications for these guests. It’s very important that no one goes hungry at your wedding! It won’t matter how entertaining the photo booth is or how good the band is. If your guests are feeling hungry and deprived, no one will be dancing! Time is also an important factor when it comes to food. Be considerate of your guests. If you’re having an early ceremony, but having a late reception, consider a cocktail hour with some proper snacks to accommodate.

Your guests are relying on you to pick a delicious and quality menu for them so that is your duty. Just as quality is important, presentation is as well. A well-presented meal will stick in the minds of your guests also so consider this when choosing a caterer or choosing your family chef. Be sure to take advantage of food tastings prior to the big day. Almost every caterer will offer this as a service beforehand. Food tastings are a great way to ensure the quality is up to your specific standards before making any real commitments.

So, do you see now how important it to really consider what type/when you’re having your food on your big day? Consider quality and explore all options before making any decisions. Send all all your guests home well-fed and happy and you can assure they’ll remember your big day!

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