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5 Alternatives to the Traditional Guest Book

5 Alternatives to the Traditional Guest Book

As you finalize the last aspects of your wedding day, it’s important that you don’t neglect any of the minor details such as your guest book. But why stick to the traditional book and pen version? Here are five alternatives to spice up the memory of who was there with you to celebrate your big day:

Polaroid Photo Book. Who ever thought Polaroid cameras would make a comeback? Having a Polaroid camera at the ready for your guests to take a picture that they can stick in a scrapbook with a personal message is both uniquely personable and also entertaining for your guests. To add some extra fun, lay different props on the table that your guests can include in their pictures.

Define the Couple. Here’s a creative one! Go out and buy an old-fashioned dictionary to sit out and then have your guests circle and sign a word that they feel best describes you as a couple. This is a light-hearted way to discover the different ways people view your relationship and at the same time makes them think outside the box!

Date Night Jar/Words of Advice. Have a station set up for your guests to write their best date night suggestions or advice on how to best keep love in the air after marriage. Assuming that a majority of your guests have been through a marriage themselves, this is a unique and cute way for them to offer insight. Possibilities for this idea include a mason jar and paper or if you want to jazz it up a bit, popsicle sticks to write on as opposed to paper.

Signed Cork. Have your guests sign one of the corks from the reception and then drop it in a square, glass frame. This one is nice because you can use it later to decorate your home and remind yourself of who all joined in on your special day. It’s important that you also include a center in element in the frame as well such as photo or something with both of your names and the date printed on it.

. Any Rustic-themed weddings? This one is a great one for you! Cut out a number of square clothes for all your guests to sign that you can later combine into a quilt. This makes for a great cuddle blanket or keepsake once you settle into your new lives together.

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